17-19 July 2009 18-20 September 2009


Mythlore Update - 24 March 2009


Greetings and salutations to all of you, see we haven’t been slacking, much work and progress has been completed and yet so much more yet to do.


First a massive apology for the mix up with the dates. This has now all been finalised and set in stone. To confirm the dates are 17-19 July and 18-20 September 2009. Not wishing to go into the full gory details, but suffice to say we all have real lives now and responsibilities, gone are the days where we go swan off on an adventure at a drop of hat. We are really sorry to those who can not make either of the dates and we are considering running another event next year. Who knows if we flog it hard enough there may be some life in this dead horse yet.


Next comes a general hassle. Pay up now! Things need to be made, stuff ordered, materials purchased and things stuck together with glue (I know it sounds very technical but that really is how it is done). We need the money now as if we glue it together on the day it is most likely to fall apart. Just a reminder that you can pay on line or email me for my address and send a cheque.


We think we have possibly, maybe, perhaps come up with the finialish version of the rules. They can be downloaded over at  background and rules or if you like we can print out a nice version for you and pop it in the post for you for a small fee. There is also a handy slim version over on the website which has all the basics in a bite sized format.

Characters and background

Now the rules have been finalisedish, it is also time to make a final decision as to what character you will be playing and what skills you shall be picking. We require your character details as soon as possible to ensure that the adventure vaguely fits the players, no point in having a special alchemist cook off encounter if there are no alchemists in the party. A handy character sheet for completion can be found on the background and rules section. If you need any assistance in the process then please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

By now I hope you have all had a look at the overall background and bestiary at background and rules. We will provide a little more information and personal background when we get your characters in, therefore we really need your characters in asap, by end of April at the latest. This may be done by filling in the form and emailing to me theearl@burntisclean.co.uk

Costume and Weapons

No doubt you have all been on extensive diets to fit in to those old leather pants that have mysteriously shrunk over the last few years. If not Mark has a variety of costumes for hire over on the gallery. If there is anything specific you are after then give us a shout and we will see if we can point you in the direction of a nice trader who will be able to sort you out.

Weapon Hire

We may have a small variety of weapons available for hire. Please let us know if there is something you are after and we will see what we can do.


We want as many crew as possible so please grab your granny and bring ‘em along. It would be great if you could crew the event you are not playing on.


There are several fields for camping. One will be for in character tents (not that everything inside has to be in character and we will have no stealing from them), another field for out of character tents. There is also a communal room in the cottage that you can sleep in and is first come first served basis. If you are after a cheap in character tent, may I suggest our friends over at the FBA tent company ( www.fbatentcompany.co.uk ) who do a very nice and very cheap bell tent that is ideal. Say Simon sent you and see if they will do you a deal ( they will probably charge you extra).


We hope aim to be ready for a brief at 8.30 and to get going at around 9pm , this should you adequate time for setting up and getting ready. If anyone knows that they are going to be much later than this then please let us know so that we can make alternative arrangements for you. Also we will call a time flaff of an evening, this is somewhere in between time in and out, those who want to stay in character and make plans and have discussions can, those that want to go to bed can, without missing any plot and those who want to kick back and have a few beers and froth about the old times are welcome to.

We expect to finish around late lunchtime on Sunday. We always ask at all of our events that everyone contributes at least an hour in helping to pack and tidy up. This stops us poor organisers, who have put in a lot of work and effort, becoming made despondent by having to stay late and clear up shite.

Food and Drinkies

We will provide food for you from Friday night to Sunday breakfast. If any has any specific dietary needs please could they let us know as soon as possible, we will do our best to accommodate. Booze shall not be provided, it would be nice if you decide to have a drink to make up a nice label for it and store it behind the bar, this way you can buy your own drinks in character. Also please remember that none of us are getting any younger and it be a waste to spend the day with a massive hangover from over doing it.  Anyone drunk will not be able to enter combat, anyone slaughtered will be asked to step aside from the event until they have slept it off.  Moderation is the key. (When exactly did I get old and sensible?)


If anyone has any queries or concerns then please let us know now, it is much easier to sort these out now, rather than when bogged down in a field wearing chainmail trying to deal with a horde of frothing orcs.

The Future

We have put a lot of time and effort into these events and it is almost a shame to have them as a one off. If there is demand we may consider running maybe one event a year or every other year or maybe another one in ten years or something like that.

Credit where it’s due

A massive thanks to Mark, Larry, Ian, Steve, The Other Mark, Dave, Mike, numerous others and lastly and not leastly, me, in the help and assistance in getting this beast of an event going.

Summary and conclusion

Pay up, sort out your character, sort out your kit, yikes it’s not actually that long to go now!

Chin chin