Just so you know, in this game its laws that are made to be broken, not rules

You may download the full rulebook here...

Fancy Script with Piccys Version

This version is designed to be print out on a double sided on a duplex printer to make an A5 booklet.  Try to keep up with the page numbers.  If you have major issues get in touch and I can send you a paper version via snail mail.

Easy to read, dull text only version

You will need our old friend, a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat.*

You may download Acrobat at




*Did you know the history of the PDF?

PDF started off on the dream of a paperless office, as the pet project of one of Adobe's founders, John Warnock. Initially it was an internal project at Adobe to create a file format so documents could be spread throughout the company and displayed on any computer using any operating system. In his paper which led to the development of PDF, John Warnock wrote: 'Imagine being able to send full text and graphics documents (newspapers, magazine articles, technical manuals etc.) over electronic mail distribution networks. These documents could be viewed on any machine and any selected document could be printed locally. This capability would truly change the way information is managed.'

Thing is, it did not work.  Studies have shown since the introduction of computers to a standard office workplace that actual paper consumption rises by up to 40%.  This is due to people printing out one line emails, printer jams, triplicate file copies and the endless tinkering it takes to get the paper version to look like the screen version.  So come on, read it on screen, save the trees!