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Price Salcor get's down to it - Mythlore Halloween Nottingham Me in the Studio having a probably well-earned Stella. Mythlore Halloween - Nottingham
Steve knocks out another elf mask Steve in the studio - little did he dream how many suits of armour he'd end up making... Halloween makeup - Ade (we won 1st prize)
a very young me and Steve in the studio - I'm guessing I'd just finished the leather cloak? The entrance to the Mythlore Studio. Mythlore Halloween - Nottingham
The early years. Andrew, Me, Deb, Maggie (just) and Tim - a bit like the Famous 5 then. The trusty(ish) Mythlore van and the doorway to the studio - Morelands Trading Estate, Gloucester. Holy Shop Openings! Mythlore Vs Batman!! Adam West @ London Forbidden Planet. July 16th 198?