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July 2009 Update - Major Rules Change

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 Due to popular demand the old ones are being awoken, they are greyer, they are wiser, they carry more stature, they need a little nap in the afternoon… but they hear the sirens call…

 …Its in the blood, they can not fight it…

 It is a great honour that I raise the Mythlore banner to rally the old ones, drag them out of retirement and bring them together for a reunion a mere 20 years after the system closed.

 Mythlore is a part of LRP history as a major influence on so many systems and was a inspiration for many people in those dark days to improve standards costume and props, many of the creatures still stand the test of time.

 So if you were an old player or crew member, we would love you to come and relive those old times and join us at the reunion. 

 We also wish to enlist anyone and everyone else in what shall be an epic and enjoyable classical fantasy adventure and celebration of LRP over the last 20 years.

 We would also like to hear about what you remember of Mythlore and what you would like to see at the reunion.  Please drop by the forum.


First Event 17-19 July 2009

Second Event 18-20 September 2009

Rules and Background & Bestiary have now been posted.


There may still be some places left, please contact us for details.