We will be pulling favours and blags from everyone we know to bring you the best experience of costume, props, monsters, plot and drama. 

On board already we have 

Burnt is Clean

Dummonni Chronicles

Grimm Tales

Shadow Realms

Last Kingdom

  We will be hassling many other systems over the next few months and will add to this list as more systems come on board.

 Please we need to show these old duffers that the standard of quality that they raised so many years ago still stands and means something.  We are asking to beg, borrow and blag your finest kit, monsters, props and crew.  We wish to make this an event to showcase all that happened and improved in LRP over the last 25 years. 

So if you have something really nice you wish to show off please bring it along.  This will be a social event as well as an epic adventure and a chance to make an impression and meet players and crew from other systems.

If you have any really nice baddies or beasties then let us know and we can add them to the plot.  We hope to have enough crew to set up a NPC in character camp and hope to have some major NPC roles to give out.

 Please click here to contact us.