Me old mate and pal, Sir David Oliver or The Forge of Lein, perhaps the most experienced sword maker out there, throw him a few coppers and he may still work his magic for you. You may phone him on 01392 215441

Mark Matthews - Fine purveyor of all things sharp, pointy, blunt and knobbly. Hmmm.  Give him a call on 01364 644073

Tallow FX - Beautiful weapons by the great rat catcher and friend of the Tivvy Boyz


Young Geoff and Flic and going into business selling wonderful tents, opening soon check it out at

The House Band

  <- The Mutineers can be found here.

Costume - American but will ship stuff over, really nice hats and historically accurate costume, also awesome range of accessories. A whole bunch of links - More hats (not like you could have too many) and in ol' Blighty too which is a bonus. - The Historical Costume Company.  Nuff said. - American again, you need to get past the first page to find some really nice stuff.  With the exchange rate as good as it is it is worth considering. Sorry but American again but pretty cheep and nice - Yup its yank, but its not rank. - Boots, I have a pair and they are awesome - Go on have a look, you can't afford it.  If you can then you need to pay us double at the next event.


Other LRP The Daddies for Dark Age.  Run by legendary LRP gods, you are not worthy. - For all things Shadowrealms, shadowy, realmy and Fantastic..  Run by the most fabulous Mark Dollar. - The fact they are Northerners and they run a system called 'Grim Tales' Irony or pathos? - you decide - Adventures in the war of the Roses. - A load of forums about anything and everything LRP

Other Pirate Stuff - September 19th - Speak like a pirate day!  Arragh - If we ever run an event on September the 19th you may speak like a pirate. - The UK pirate brotherhood What kind of swashbuckler are you?

Other totally cool stuff - The awesome insult sword fighting that inspired* the insult gun play within the system. Yeah, yeah, I know: It's a Three-Headed monkey. - Its a free MMORG, its totally browser based, so no horrible downloads, new content added all the time, and it makes me laugh out loud.  Its soooo much deeper than it looks.  I've been playing a year and it still makes me chuckle when I find something new.  Seriously, give it a try and send me a message in game, my character name is 'Maddog2020', be nice and I might let you in me clan.

* Ok, was totally ripped off and stolen