Welcome, avast and arrrgh!

This is the interweb site for  Live Role Play events of heroic capery, shambolic roguery and backdoor burglary.  We aim to provide unique episodes of swaggering mischief and outrageous escapades.

We are a small dedicated team, committed to create experiences of a most swashbuckling, blustering and roguish disposition..

Gentlemen adventurers, nautical salvagers, independent highway toll collectors, stevedores, mercenaries, privateers, thugs and common bandits are all cordially received . Goodies of the dual booted variety had better look elsewhere.

We have high standards of costume of props and a very high standard of story telling, our antics will become legend*.

So don your finest shirt of flouncyness, pick up a nice hard cudgel and lets go searching for booty (in the old and modern sense).

*Or not

Whats new?



Bunch of new stuff



And more swashbucklin stuff coming 2009

Site update soon(ish)


Really, I spoil you - but do not worry I shall not spare the rod.

Enjoy your visit, now gentleman, to the horses*

Chin chin

Si - The Earl of Tewksbury





* A horse is a large quadruped that is a transient by-product in the manufacture of glue.






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And just to please La and Rob

Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach

Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach Mr Blacklung and Mr Roach