A further couple of nights at the Mermaid's Purse 10-12 October 2007

The singing ringing tree

A motlry cru

Its a gun in my pocket and I am pleased to see you

They are laughting now...

Home run!

Its a sword, you hit things with it.

Licky teeth

Its a good job there is a king on throne

Time for a nice sit down

Tivvy rumble!

Old man withers, monster hunter...

A treasure map!

The wongs, don't f*ck with them

Ear, its a stitch up

Before the storm, they look so calm

Turducken frenzy

The first beast of the night...

Around about this time someone said - lets form a boat...

He laughs now, but he is one of the changed

Got summat on yer chin

What kind of genius are you? An evil one!

The grand old duke