A Couple of Days at His Majesties' Pleasure  October 2005

These are just a couple of samples.  I will post some more up soon.

Vagabons and Chatlatans

I see a little silloette on the horizon (gota moose got moose can you do the fandango)

Toasty toes

Tuppenny & Jack

Wild man of the woods

Its alrights lads, re inforcements here now

The third Jack takes aim

Facing the French

Les Mangers de Garlic

Thous shalt not steal, rob and murder

The Redcoats

Hmmm, I've never seen one that size before



Dance then, wherever you shall be

For he is the lord of the dance

She a witch, I will burn her

Whilst your down there

Here comes the fire

You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar

For all those from Dumnonni, see you can get Neil down

They don't like it up em

The doctor will see you now

He know not what he does

Sneaky sneaky

The hills are alive

Instructions not included


Mrs Badcrumble reads that we have run out of Jam

Come on you know you want to

It may sting a bit at first

See you like it now

Who needs a key?

The natives are revolting

Round headed buffoon.

Don't need a lockpick either

What are you looking at?

Get out of jail free

Gay, way too gay