Welcome to the piccys section.  please feel free to send in any pictures you have.  I would prefer photographs but if you can know up a good etching or pasta and lentil collage then send it on.

The New Burnt is Clean Trailer

(Not safe for work due to lyrical content, not rude words per se... but)

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Super photo trailer     38meg ish

Now what would you like to see pictures of?

A Couple of Nights at The Mermaid's Purse 14-16 May 2004

A Couple of Days a His Majesties' Pleasure 21-23 October 2005

Bourse de la Sirene June 2-4 2006

A Couple More Nights at The Mermaids Purse November 3-5 2006

Ein Paar von Nächte an den Nixen Schrzen  August 11-13 2007

A further couple of nights etc October 10-12 2007

The Special Picture of 'Her'

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Super multimedia madness that is the Rudest Man in The World's Song

Very rude, you have been warned. 


Don't play this at work

Or in front of yer kiddies

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Rude Song