Caption Contest 3

Have a look at this picture and see if you can come with an amusing caption.  There may be more of a prize this time, or not. 


The winners are...

Oh my god, Lord Sockington is naked

"Who wants the last piece of toilet paper?"....Roach


Seeing as that these came myself and La, the prize this time is to run the next event - oh joy

Notable runners up are...

I do

Mr Fen is a bit concerned about the small print on his Russian mail order bride, but she seems willing enough..

Swearing in the deputy the sheriff begins to wonder if he's made the right move submitted by the chef

Put your hand down Fen... i KNOW it sez make your mark ... but that DOESNT mean little clay effigies with biblical names!! Scurvy Dog

Pleeszh Shzir... you are RIGHT, when I focusz my eyesz PAST the dots I shzee a wunderbar Botticelli painting!! - Scurvy Dog

the fake beard was a good idea, but upon being shown the wanted poster, Arch criminal gribble knew he had made a fatal blunder.

"Its appears to be instructions to something called "The time warp"....Roach

The pin the paper on the idiot game was becoming tedious....Roach +

Being a lover of dice games and a little hard or hearing, Nathan immediately signed up for the yahtzee party.......Roach

The vulcan display at the pirate startrek convention was,frankly, a little disapointing.....Roach

HMMMMMM....I JUST LOVE YOUR WEBSITE...LOK AT MY BIG TITS..... There got in before they did ho ho ho thatl show em...+

This is my wife.. HIGH FIVE!

What they couldn't see were the ninja midgets, hiding in the bushes...waiting for the signal to attack - Jasper

Even while studying a treasure map, there was always time to slap big "L" around the chops. - BoC

"It appears to be a cure for wankers cramp" (cleverly linking this caption to the first contest the prize is mine I think ha ha ha) Roach

Everyone was bored of the onehanded mime act...including the mime Roach

Nathan regretted volunteering when he saw what it was he would be actually doing. - Jasper +