Caption Contest 2

Now judged and finished with, however a new one has just started...

A big thanks to all those that entered.  Especially those bots out there trying to sell me dodgy videos and pills to make my winky go hard.

Anyways, it is my proud pleasure to announce that the winner is

Having lobbed a grenado at the Frenchies, Jack Rackem pauses to enjoy a nice juicy apple whilst wondering where he'd put his "Most confused Pirate of the Year" award. - Grunty Fen

He wins a most wonderful prize of, errm, something.  Yes the admiration and kudos of his peers! 

AND he has his name scrolling badly across the screen like a bad website from the nineties.

Grunty Fen - the winner not a weiner!

The runners up who receive even less than this were...

In no order...

 A bomb? - (in Peter Sellers acent)

 'Ahh ha!! Jack Rackem's patented constipation cure. Now find me a frenchman to test it on!' 

Ok I admit it, the Constipation Cure idea was mine. Rich

 As soon as that photographic contraption is removed I shall remove the wedgie from betwixt my arse cheeks...

 "gottle of geer"

 The world's worst salesman says "trust me"

 The world's worst salesman says "trust me" ymladd 

The worlds smallest pirate hoped his cardboard cutout "rich with a bomb" would confuse the enemy. Roachie


 spot the difference!!! Roachie

 Take two bottles into the shower...I just use wash and blow.

 le pom du terre ees a bit ard...

 "Sorry, Mr elephant, I did not know it was your testicle!"

 Sure anal bead is guranteed to put the bang back in your love life


New Collgate Bomb......cleans whiter than white !!

 Confusion between grapeshot and hemeroids leads to a tragic bit of unneccesary surgery.

 Jack rackem begins to wish that the wind hadn't changed direction while he was with the barmaid.....ymladd