A warning to the brave.


This adventure now has added sound and graphics.  The sound does not work with Firefox, not sure why.  I am afraid you should use the evil Microsoft web browser thingy to get the full experience.


Due to this extended mulitmedia monster it is recommended you use a broad band.  Failure to do so will mean it will still be loading by the time of the real adventure.


There should be a test piece playing now.  If not then try messing about with your settings. It may something about allowing active x controls or something, let them.


The following adventure is not for the fainthearted, it contains scenes of mild peril and violence of a most diabolical nature.  There is a good chance of meeting an unfortunate and untimely end. To balance this the rewards are meagre.


Remember that a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.


This adventure is rated 7 for peril.

This adventure may contain traces of nuts.

You must have your parents permission to proceed.


No actors skills, artistic merit or photographic wizardry were utilised during this production.  If you get a strange feeling of déjà vu regarding the scenery, props or artistes then this would be down to you having already seen them. 


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Bring it on...