Well its like this.

The events we run are based on classic swashbuckling adventure and tongue in cheek piracy.  We have been inspired by classic films such as The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Plunket and McClain, and even Cutthroat Island (come on , it's not that bad).

We like to vaguely acknowledge history (in the same way a pig acknowledges bacon) but to us the spirit  is far more important than the facts.

Things are loosely based in 1685 against a backdrop of impending civil war, but we wish to steer clear of religious arguments, they are just no fun. King James II in on the throne and foreign wars are likely, those Frenchies have got it coming!

 Further details of the setting can be found in the rulebook, but basically it is swashbuckling and cavalier in the golden age of piracy. 

Affairs are kept free flowing and we reserve the right to rewrite any history that is not entertaining.

We try to provide some sort of continuing back story to proceedings by way of the  irregular (in all meanings of the word) issues of 'The Tiverton Times'

Issues may be downloaded here

Tiverton Times May 1685

Tiverton Times June 1685

Tiverton Times October 1685

You shall require a PDF (Piratical Document Facilitator) reader such as Acrobat